Solar PanelsConsidering Solar Watering System For Your Home? Yes, It Is Possible

January 9, 2018by Dane

Water heating is probably among the most costly necessities in a typical household since water heaters can consume a considerable amount of electricity, which makes up almost half, if not more, of your monthly electricity bills.

This is why the best solar hot water system has become the most effective solution to producing hot water for your home as well as significantly reducing your electricity bills. Solar water heating systems can be used in virtually every climate where the sun shines.

Because the fuel that drives this water heating system comes from the sun, it is completely free and eco-friendly as well. As long as the sun keeps on shining, you will never have to worry about hot water ever again.

As previously mentioned, water heating is the most energy-consuming task in any household. Using conventional solar PV or photovoltaic panels can be a lot more expensive than the use of solar thermal panels.

So if you want to use solar hot water systems in your home, it would be best to opt for solar thermal panels, rather than solar PV panels. By doing so, you can expect a return on your investment a lot sooner than otherwise.

By utilizing solar water heating systems, you will have reduced you and your family’s environmental impact or carbon footprint by dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

This is because, through solar hot water systems, you will have minimized your household’s dependence on conventional energy sources such as fossil fuels. What makes solar water heating systems a viable solution to the current energy crisis is the fact that it is highly durable and easy to operate as well.

You can even make your own homemade solar hot water system if you want to. There are a lot of guides and blueprints available on the Internet that will teach you how to build your very own solar water heating system.

There are two basic parts in a solar hot water system, the solar collector and the storage tank. When it comes to solar collectors, there are actually three types: the flat-plate collector, which is probably the most common of the three, the second type is the integral collector-storage system, and finally the evacuated-tube solar collectors.

The whole system works by using the solar collectors to heat collected water and once heated, the water is then transferred to a tank, which is well insulated, for storage. The solar collectors are generally placed on the rooftop of your home to get maximum exposure from the sun.

Solar water heating systems typically require some sort of backup system, especially during the rainy season or cloudy days where the solar collector will experience limited exposure from the sun; or during the days where hot water usage is significantly increased, like during winter for example.

Some of the best solar hot water systems out there almost always have a backup system feature as a part of the solar system package. So if you are going out to buy a solar water heating system, make sure that it has a backup system.

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